noème provides consulting service in:

  • industrial innovation and local governance engineering,
  • value-driven organisation and monitoring of complex systems and projects,
  • modernisation of public service.

Those three fields share common problematics, namely evaluation (« how much is this worth? »), uncertainty and complexity. The latter two have been growing rapidly as our technical, economic and social environment has become ever less predictable and depends on an ever increasing number of intertwined factors.

Once marginal or incremental approaches have reached their limits, the search for new margins (be it in the sense of leeway, improvement or economic performance) involves innovation, an intrinsically discreet and unpredictable process.

Complexity cannot be put under control: yet it can be explored and unfolded, provided one envisions the system properly and uses the right « lancet ». With that respect, the « value-driven » approach is a highly valuable tool aimed at:

  • mapping complexity and building up / monitoring multiple-value projects and systems
  • uncovering new fields of value creation and instigating innovation.

One cannot command innovation either: it merely pops up and often hides in the details – like the devil. Yet provided it is correctly spotted, acknowledged and channeled, it can be accompanied and fully valued.

Action in the public field combines, in the constant search for a new functional and territorial design of public services under ever more stringent economic constraints:

  • complexity in organisation and governance
  • and a multiplicity of interfering values and logics.

Methods and people

We offer decision-makers – in both public and private fields – a thoroughly structured approach and a renewed, versatile and global vision to assist them in their strategic, organisational and operational choices.

We leverage on a set of robust, well-proven methods in:

  • project management,
  • complexity modelling,
  • evaluation,
  • and value optimisation.

Our core team:

  • a specialist in industrial innovation,
  • a specialist in organisation and change accompaniment.

A top-notch academic partner

CentraleSupélec, one of France’s top Grandes Écoles and a member of Université Paris-Saclay, is a world-renowned academic reference in Complex Systems Engineering.


Its Industrial Engineering Department has developed a proprietary method, named SCOS *, for modelling, designing and value-monitoring complex projects and systems.

We work in partnership with CentraleSupélec to promote the use of the method.

* SCOS : Systemics for Complex Organisational Systems

Flexible and close at hand

We are well aware that:

  • in most cases, our clients already own the relevant expertise (« Don’t borrow my watch to tell me what time it is »)
  • methods are only tools, not finalities in themselves, and they must be departed from whenever required
  • they are valuable if, and only if, they are steadily adopted by the entire organisation.

noème‘s « craftsman-like » structure, size and independence, its staff’s polyvalence and commitment ensure:

  • « custom-designed » work
  • closeness and mutual confidence
  • unequalled versatility and responsiveness
  • a guarantee to have the job properly done at the end of the day.

Éric Simonetti, associate
Laurent Michard, director