Today’s innovations are tomorrow’s profits

Large potential fields of innovation are within your reach, either within your own company or at research centers.
We help you detect the « right » (i.e. value-bearing) innovation and make it become reality.
noème acts as a master builder at the interface between companies and academic institutions: a global offer taking into account the scientific, technical, industrial, economic and managerial issues, and following an integrated and interdisciplinary approach:

  • by helping companies to face up to and meet their vital – often non-formalized – challenges: shifts in competition, technological leapfrogs, product development…
  • by assisting academic institutions in organizing and formalizing their R&T offer towards companies
  • by gathering, structuring and articulating R&T consortia featuring industrial, institutional and academic partners

Detecting the « right » innovation…

Most probably, the seeds of your upcoming breakthroughs – at least some of them – are already present within your company.
We help you to detect, select and germinate them through a collaborative approach involving your entire team.
Alongside, if needed, we get in touch with the best scientists in the relevant fields; we help you to set up a true dialogue with them, thus filling up the « missing link » between academics and industry experts.

… and turn into reality

Only through careful and comprehensive preparation does a development project stick to its schedule – or even deliver.
We guide you through each and every key step of the development project, following a proven and well-estabished methodology, from pilot production down to market launch.

At your service: a compact, ultra-responsive team

    Thanks to our « dual culture » that combines both business and scientific approaches, you are in direct, day-to-day contact with a small team that knows how to:

  • maintain a trustful and fruitful dialogue between the partners (« simultaneous translation ») and stick to the common objective while taking into account each party’s interests
  • lead the project in the most rigorous manner
  • hierarchize complexity and solve multi-factor problems
    Potential obstacles are detected upfront, possible solutions are proposed, your decisions are put into practice immediately, development times are kept under control.