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From the idea down to the commercial product

    It takes a rigorous approach, supported by the whole organisation, to transform an idea – even a brilliant one – into a profitable, commercial product. Each of the following key steps must be gone through:

  • an in-depth study of the potential market, featuring key factors of success
  • strategic intellectual property choices
  • a carefully tailored norms and standards policy
  • a well-documented assessment of return on investment, based on realistic assumptions of sales and production costs
  • selecting the right partners : equipment makers and sub-contractors
  • methodically managing pilot production and trial lots : in-house pre-qualification, customer sampling, customer feedback treatment
  • close monitoring of the industrial investment
  • a carefully prepared commercial launch involving the entire sales organisation

We have the experience and methodological tools to ensure those steps will be properly managed.

Avoid proliferation

All too often in BtoB commerce, order books are clogged up with poorly valued « on-demand », specific products. The selling price of such products does not always reflect their induced complexity cost (be it technical, commercial or logistical).
The product policy must stick to clear, shared and adhered-to management rules:

  • definition of standard products
  • strict commercial rules for treating inquiries, featuring a clear distinction between « standard » and « specific » products
  • new product validation rules
  • trial order procedures…

Those are simple, common sense rules. However, defining them… and sticking to them while satisfying the clients’ needs is often trickier than it seems (« be able to say no », reword the customer’s initial request, charge the full complexity cost, …).
We help you to optimize your product portfolio and focus on profitable product developments.