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    R&D priorities must be chosen carefully, along with an in-depth review of the company’s strategy:

  • expected developments in the market’s needs – explicit and implicit –
  • expected shifts in competition
  • relative strengths and weaknesses – technological, industrial, commercial –
  • human and financial resources

R&D organization

Any future-conscious company has its own concern with Research & Development, but not necessarily its own specific R&D unit. R&D can be addressed in several ways, for instance through information-sharing and -centralizing.

Here the critical issues are:

  • to value and organize internally the people, teams and actions that impact the company’s R&D in a positive way
  • to support and reinforce them with the relevant competences
  • to cost-effectively manage the whole.

Which part(s) of R&D should be kept within the company?

    Quite a strategic border! For each project, drawing that line must take into account:

  • the project’s more or less specific nature
  • time horizons
  • available resources
    • internally
    • at technical centers
    • at academic laboratories.

We help you to assess those criteria’s respective weight and to choose the right balance.

Finding the « right » specialists…

      Using our extensive academic network, we search for specialists in the relevant scientific discipline.
    We assist you in selecting them, taking into account:

  • their academic skills in the discipline
  • their readiness to deal with demanding time and result constraints
  • their ability to maintain a good level of dialogue with an industrial partner

… and the « best » industrial partners

    with a view to:

  • mutualize resources
  • develop and exchange each party’s skills
  • reinforce the company’s network