Each company / organisation owns a considerable amount of diffuse knowledge in the form of under-exploited skills and know-how, as well as « known but unacknowledged » information.
    As the saying goes, « a consultant tends to borrow your watch and tell you what time it is »; now there remains to be seen whether:

  • there is only one watch, or all watches have been identified
  • they are all set at the same time
  • and all staff members read them in the same way.
  • Expertise cannot be simply seen as the sum of the recognized experts’ knowledge. In other words : experts may not always own the most accurate watch within the organisation.

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    We always try our best to unearth implicit, or even hidden information and bring it into the light.
    To reach that goal, we follow simple yet efficient rules of group leadership:

  • the discussion is based on inductive questions, thus all participants are required to express and debate their opinion;
  • opinions must be underpinned;
  • hierarchy issues play no role in the debate: one idea = one voice;
  • no delegation is allowed, thus the debate remains consistent from one meeting to the next;
  • noème staff acts as the devil’s advocate throughout the debate;
  • ….
  • Those are rules of common sense, yet it takes a good amount of know-how and experience to affirm their legitimacy and make sure they are sticked to.