Intellectual property and norms as commercial weapons.

Protect the idea

    Two types of tools can be used to protect your idea:

  • Patent
  • Brand or model protection.
  • Depending on the issues at stake, we help you select the most adequate tool and its geographic extent.

Value the idea

    There are various possible ways to leverage on intellectual property:

  • Purely and simply protecting the idea against potential counterfeit.
  • Selective licensing.
  • Geographic exclusivity…
  • We help you to choose and work out the best-suited strategy.

Stick to standards… and have them adapted

    Norms and standards are a key issue for any new product.

  • On one hand, the product must comply with existing standards.
  • On the other hand, if properly understood and handled, norms and standards can be used as a powerful marketing tool.
    We help you to address the following questions:

  • Does the product comply with existing standards?
  • Which is the most relevant classification?
  • Can the standards be adapted so as to foster / differentiate the product?