Helping you get acquainted with the method

    • Based on your project’s degree of progress (design, evaluation, monitoring),
    • subject to agreeing on the question to be treated (and on condition that the method is well-suited in the specific case),

    we introduce you to the method and help you to try it out through a short definition and structuring session.

    The session takes place over a limited time period – typically four to six weeks; it features four steps:

1. The project’s / the system’s boundaries


  • we delineate the overall boundaries and adjust the focus,
  • we specify the expert resources to be summoned: the people within your staff who are better placed to « advocate » each and every stakeholder’s cause.

Our team endeavours to find out the best angle of approach and gives you feedback. You set up the first stakeholders’ meeting.

2. The project’s / the system’s identity

    Together with the relevant experts,

  • we specify the fields of value and set out performance indicators,
  • we steer their reflection on functions and deliverables with an eye to the following step.

We formalise their work and give you feedback.

3. The project’s / the system’s specifications

    Together with the relevant experts,

  • we list the functions and deliverables,
  • we set the field of constraints: the deliverables’ specifications, expected value creation and destruction,
  • we identify the processes that require further modelling or in-depth analysis as regards their contribution to value creation and costs.

We push the method’s limits as far as possible given the available information.

We organise and represent the results in the form of a matrix and we give you feedback.

4. The « first loop »‘s balance

You now have a first version of the project’s / the system’s value-oriented mapping. You can gauge its maturity and robustness and decide whether / how to pursue.

Then it’s « up to you » or « as you like it »:

  • Go into more detail and, if required, switch focuses:
    • go ahead with the experts
    • « break down » the method and involve a larger team of experts
  • Sort out sub-systems to be investigated
  • Set up a strategic plan for organising the project / the system
  • Schedule the working plan (decisions / studies / R&T / estimates / …) needed for implementing / maturating the project.