The SCOS method: rigourous and stringent

Choosing the right focus

    Peculiar attention must be paid to:

  • defining the analysis’ « focus », in other terms the project’s / the system’s strategic level of detail, in line with its stakes and objectives;
  • adapting the modelling tools accordingly.
  • Once the focus is chosen, functions can be broken down into processes and modelled in terms of means, costs and added value.

Using the right models

    In case available models are unsatifactory or incomplete:

  • it is easy to identify those functions and processes that hinder the model’s robustness, thus to assess the associated risks;
  • it may arise that the uncertainty level is too high, or the project not mature enough.
  • In that case further investigation may be required; it may also be necessary to go into deeper function modelling, or to change the focus.

Keeping it simple

For the sake of legibility, it is paramount to stick to a reasonable matrix size.
In practice, we would recommend not to take into account more than 10 stakehoders in the analysis – that’s already quite a lot!
Would that not be achievable, then the project’s or system’s approach level should be reconsidered.